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Since the start of 2014 I have so far:

Gotten a new piercing.

Dyed my hair.

Ended a relationship. 

Started a new relationship.

Been on a long car journey.

Passed an exam.

Cried on someone’s shoulder. 

Had a massive fight with a boyfriend/girlfriend.

Received flowers.

Had a Valentine.

Written a letter using pen and paper.

Gone to see a therapist.

Been prescribed medication by a doctor.

Read a really good book.

Gone to the zoo.

Spent too much money on unnecessary things.

Traveled by train.

Cried over someone.

Spent a day out in the sun getting a tan.

Slammed a door out of frustration.

Had an anxiety attack.

Had a BBQ.

Gone to the fair.

Gone bowling.

Seen a film at the cinema in 3D.

Gone on a date.

Been the only sober one on a night out.

Helped someone home after they’d had too much to drink.

Stayed up all night.

Talked on the phone/skype for over 2 hours.

Supported someone who’d received bad news.

Watched some kind of live sporting event.

Read an entire book in one day.

Bought a DVD the day it was released.

Eaten McDonald’s more than four times in a single week.

Cried as a result of exam stress.

Met some incredible new people.

Fallen backwards off a chair. 

Broken my glasses.

Cried over someone in my past.

Spent hours aimlessly browsing the internet. 

Thrown up.

Cried over a film.

Gone out of my way to avoid an ex-significant other.

Fought with someone in public.

Been in a relationship for a year or longer.

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iTunes Library Write Up

How many songs:  3040

Sort by song title: 
First Song: Above the Northern Lights - Mannheim Steamroller

Last Song:  2012 - Evolve

Sort by artist:

First Artist: A-ha
Last Artist: 2012

Sort by album:
First Album: Absolution - Muse

Last Album: 808s & Heartbreaks

Top Three Most Played Songs:
- Good Feelings - Flo Rida
- Blown Away - Carrie Underwood
- Break Your Heart - Taio Cruz


Death: Death By Chocolate - Sia
All The Money Or The Simple Life Honey (Remix) - The Dandy Warhols
Love: Addicted to Love - Robert Palmer
Hate: Day Old Hate - City & Colour
You: Addicted to You - Avicii
Sex: Love, Sex, Death - Fall Out Boy

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Forget the Myers-Briggs fucking personality assessment. I am dead tired of hearing if someone is an INFP or an ESLQ or whatever. I want to know if someone is melancholic or choleric. Bring back the four humors. I wanna see “Kaley, 16, phlegmatic” when I go to someone’s blog. Who is with me. Lets make this happen

here's a test i found. go wild, y'all. (im choleric.)


I’m sanguine!

Your temperament is sanguine. The sanguine temperament is fundamentally spontaneous and pleasure-seeking; sanguine people are sociable and charismatic. They tend to enjoy social gatherings, making new friends and tend to be boisterous. They are usually quite creative and often daydream. However, some alone time is crucial for those of this temperament. Sanguine can also mean sensitive, compassionate and thoughtful. Sanguine personalities generally struggle with following tasks all the way through, are chronically late, and tend to be forgetful and sometimes a little sarcastic. Often, when they pursue a new hobby, they lose interest as soon as it ceases to be engaging or fun. They are very much people persons. They are talkative and not shy. Sanguines generally have an almost shameless nature, certain that what they are doing is right. They have no lack of confidence.

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My #peterpan #firstkiss #thimble #necklace from Ryan
The #teddybear from the #Vermont teddy bear company my incredibly sweet boyfriend sent me <3
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i had to touch you with my hands, i had to taste you with my tongue; one can’t love and do nothing.

graham greene, ‘the end of the affair’ (via thesensualmuse)

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